J & M Translators and Monica's Travel

are the same entity and work hard to provide people from all over the world with traveling, translation and documentation services.

At J & M Translators and Documentators, our goal is to help our foreign customers in the preparation of Citizenship, TPS Cases, employment authorizations, translation of legal documents such as birth, marriages, divorces, power of attorney, affidavits, waivers, invitations and a variety of other services listed in the following pages.

For the convenience of our clients, we speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese fluently and provide information in a variety of subjects.

If you have any doubts or concerns regarding the process of your immigration documents, make sure to stop by, or give us a call.

Monica's Travel

Of Newark, New Jersey


Immigration Cases

We can assist you with all immigration cases including filling out citizenship documents, authorizations to work, extensions of tourist visits and much more.

  • Green Card Application For Spouses
  • Green Card Application For Family Members
  • Renewal of Green Cards
  • Citizenship Applications
  • Tourist Visa Extensions
  • Employment Authorization
  • Travel Permits
  • Affidavits of Support
  • Letters of Invitation
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Passport Renewals

If you need help processing any of your immigration documents or renewing your passport, and don’t have time to go to the consulate, we can help you get this done, and provide proxy services.

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Other Services

  • Personal Income Tax Preparation
  • Tax ID (Form W-7)
  • Notarization Of Documents
  • We Send Faxes & Make Photocopies
  • Travel Arrangements, Bus Tours, Packages, Etc.
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Travel Permits

  • Preparation of travel authorization for minor children
  • Preparation of advance parole for people under T.P.S.
  • Preparation of re-entry permits for legal permanent resident aliens leaving the United States for more than one year.

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Document Services

Photo copies, faxes, letters, invitation letters, authorization to travel, and much more.

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Letters and Translation of Documents

We provide translating services for Portuguese, Spanish and English. We can completely translate your documents into English quickly.

  • Translation of Personal & Legal Documents
  • Driver’s License
  • School Certificates
  • Birth, Marriages, Divorces
  • Powers Of Attorney
  • Letters, Affidavits, etc.

Money Transfers

We provide safe and quick money transfers to Brazil. Send money when you want and how you want in a matter of minutes. Come on in to our store and we will assist you.

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Traveling? We can set up your trip. Have us buy your tickets, book your hotel and/or help you with an itinerary.